Our Mission Statement states that we provide a Catholic education for young women in a caring environment that values tradition, excellence and community.

Under the priority of COMMUNITY:

​Our aim is to:

  • Encourage in students a willingness to be responsible for their own actions and decisions
  • Nurture the growth of relationships so that all members experience a sense of belonging in a supportive and inclusive community.
  • Develop an appreciation of our connectedness with the past and our responsibility as custodians of our school environment for the future.
  • Pastoral Care expresses this ethos and philosophy of the College.  It is experienced whenever the people within our community interact to make positive choices about life. 


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​P​​astoral Care Programs

As well as the day to day care of the girls, there are also aspects of personal and social development education that are included in Pastoral Care lessons.

In Year 7 the focus is on transitioning our girls into the rhythms of high school life:  friendship and belonging, gratefulness, setting goals, study habits, learning styles, personal hygiene, cyber safety, and health related issues.

Years 8, 9 and 10 focus on building healthy relationships, cyber safety, grit and perseverance, resilience, and working towards a career plan for the future.

Years 11 and 12 focus on issues facing young adults— relationships and sexuality, personal health, goal setting and organization, preparation for tertiary education and work, driver education and leadership.

​Camps / Intensive Programs

In Term 1 Year 7, we hold a  ‘Big Day Out’ . This day aims is to encourage the development of friendships and to continue to build a sense of belonging in the school community.  Students engage in a number of fun activities that focus on team building and individual skill development.

There are camps held in Year 8 and Year 10. In Year 8 the focus is on “Belonging”. Year 10 focuses on setting goals for the future and being brave enough to step out of your “Comfort Zone”. Camps also provide time for challenge, reassessment and individual reflection.

In Year 9 and Year 11,  students engage in intensive 2-3 day programs focusing on a particular area of personal and social development. In Year 9 it is “Relationships with Self and Others”. In Year 11 preparation for “Senior Leadership” is the focus. 

Big Sister Program

The Big Sister Program involves the fortnightly interaction between our Year 10 Big Sisters and their Year 7 Little Sisters.  Activities are conducted by the Big Sisters, under the supervision of teachers,  to help Year 7s cope with the organis​ational structures of high school,  make new friends quickly, and to develop decision making and problem solving skills. This is all undertaken in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. 

Sporting and Cultural Groups

Belonging to a club or group assists in the development of the individual as well as identity with a group. Girls are provided with a range of opportunities to develop their special skills and gifts.  This includes: debating; cultural dance groups; Instrumental lessons, choir; acapella ensembles; band; basketball; soccer; volleyball; netball; cricket; AFL; swimming; athletics; tennis; Drama club; STEMCELL club; Japanese club.  We also celebrate cultural events such as Harmony Day, Friendship Day and International Women’s Day. 

Working with O​t​​hers

Girls at Our Lady’s College develop a sense of social responsibility through respect and consideration for others and the environment.

Community service projects are supported by each year group as a focus of developing an understanding of the world and the role individuals can play in making a difference. Community service groups such as St Vincent de Paul and Benenson Society also operate within the college, meeting at lunchtime. The Student Representative Council (student leaders from Yr7 -12)  also supports other groups through its fundraising and awareness raising.

Communication is the keystone of relationships.  We form strong links between students, staff, families, Parish and the wider community.