School Board


Our Lady’s College Board was formed to assist the Principal in planning and decision-making processes. The Board is based on the Pastoral Model developed by Brisbane Catholic Education. Membership of the Board is determined by a discernment process after some training.


Our Lady’s College Board is a body with consultative responsibilities and functions limited to those set out in the Constitution which was approved in writing by the Archbishop of Brisbane on 8 March, 2000. The first meeting was held on 3 February, 2005.

The Board’s focus is to collaborate with the community of Our Lady’s College on major decisions with particular emphasis on the spirituality of the College, the College Vision and Mission Statement and the Strategic Renewal Framework.

The aim of the College Board is to provide a shared wisdom approach for the College. The role of the College Board is to provide the Principal with support in areas of policy development and financial management. It is the Principal’s role to implement any policy and/or financial action necessary for the well-being of the College.

Our Lady’s College Board has the responsibility of providing advice on:

  • ​Vision and Mission Statement
  • Policies
  • Provision and maintenance of College buildings and plant
  • Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Curriculum
  • Staffing

The College Board meets regularly during the school year. Members of the community are invited to attend meetings as observers.


Our Lady’s College Board is made up of 6 members

Principal: Paula Goodwin

Chairperson: Melene Aswad

Secretary: Clare O'Loughlin​

Board Members: Tracey Williamson, Peter Habchi, Cathy Lutvey,  Raymond Lucas, (Vince McDonald - Business Manager)​​