OLC partners with UQ in COMPASS Program

COMPASS Logo.png

Students and professionals came together recently, at the official launch of the COMPASS Program.  COMPASS – A Collaboration of Minds: Professionals Advancing Senior Students, brings together high achieving year 11 students and expert professionals, to help the students build an understanding and appreciation of a profession of interest, which in turn maximises their experience of senior secondary education, with the knowledge that what they learn in school, has applications in their chosen career field.

Over the course of the program, the professional partner is a role model, encourager, guide or critic for the student candidate. The aim is to have a professional conversation whereby the professional partner discusses their journey and provides the student with a greater insight into the profession. Indeed, the professional partner's involvement in the program helps to enhance our students' motivation to achieve success with their current studies and boost their confidence to pursue tertiary studies in the future. 

The initiative came about as a number of our senior students, who are interested in tertiary education at the end of their Senior schooling, would be the first in their family's history to study at university and gain a degree to pursue a chosen professional career.  Similarly, many of these students have limited exposure through extended family and friends, to the variety of career choices that can be accessed through a tertiary qualification.  With this in mind, Our Lady's College has developed, in partnership with The University of Queensland, the COMPASS Program.

Interested students, completed an application that included an indication of a career field of interest and were then teamed up with a highly accomplished professional working within the students' chosen field.  This year, the professionals involved come from a variety of fields which include: physiotherapy, psychology, commerce, psychiatry, medicine, engineering, astrophysics and architecture.

At the breakfast launch, guests included Our Lady's College teachers and staff, representatives from The University of Queensland and Duchesne College, Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education, Mrs Pam Betts and Federal Member for Moreton, Mr Graham Perrett.  The students, along with their parents met their professional partner for the first time at the breakfast launch.  Our Lady's College acknowledges and are grateful for the financial and administrative support from Duchesne College, St Lucia who provided the venue and catering. ​

During the program, the students will complete a multimodal report to showcase either the career or profession of interest or the knowledge and understanding they have acquired from their professional partner and this will be presented at a COMPASS Showcase finale in August.​