Diligence Award winners celebrated

​​​​​​“Diligence is not success; it is the road to success.”
-       Acting Principal Anthony Stevens.
Each year Our Lady’s College celebrates students who demonstrate diligence and commitment to their studies.
Throughout the year, at reporting times, students are given ratings for their work practices in each of their subject areas.
To be the recipient of a Diligence Award, girls must be achieving a “c” for consistent standard in each of the four criteria for every subject in every report throughout the year.
The College has a threshold of 98% across the pool of data collected because Diligence is not about “perfection”, it is about “consistency”.
A Diligence Award recognises consistent hard work, effort and dedication by a student to the study of their subjects.
The Diligence Award recipients for 2019 are: 

​Year 7​
​Year 8

​Year 9 

​Year 10 

​Year 11

​Year 12 
​Hayley Buenvenida
Niamh Clark
Angela Jones
Charlotte Dobson
Laura-Lye Kauffman
Anneliese Lagos
Merry Mathew
Kim Nguyen
Ava O'Shea
Madelyn Polk
Abbi Pugh
Harshini Srinivasan
Sang Vu
Grace Bampton
Hannah Blain
Penelope Bui
Kiandra Dsouza
Sophie Foots
Cindy Huynh
Hannah Moss
Laugena Oshana
Ishaya Salgado
Mary Wilikai
Grace Hill
Mi Mi Le Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen
Tina Nguyen
Charlotte O'Shea
Jo-Ann Pham Nguyen
Justine Reyes
Rafaela Rodriguez-Hannouf
Mishka Sarswa
Chi Vu
Lucia Vu
Mae Williamson
Hannah Woinarowski
Beth Allen
India Boon-Scown
Ella Gilbert
Erin Horan
Shalom Latu Mulumu
Blessy Mathew
Madelyn Prigge
Anna Tran
Tobi Agbejule
Celine Aswad
Kenisha Dsouza
Sarah Habchi
Ella Hoult
Marie Inoncillo
Natasha Lai
Adriana Lokhorst
Paige Mackie
Shenaya Salgado​​




The College also acknowledges a special group of students who have demonstrated OUTSTANDING DILIGENCE.
There are eight Year 12 students who have been the recipient of a Diligence Award for each of their years of study at Our Lady’s College. 

These students have been presented with a medal recognising this wonderful achievement. Our congratulations go to:
Tobi Agbejule
Celine Aswad
Sarah Habchi
Ella Hoult
Natasha Lai
Adriana Lokhorste
Shenaya Salgado