Modern Marys volunteer homework help

​The school day doesn’t end for some Our Lady’s students when the final bell sounds at 2.50pm. 
Every Wednesday a group of Year 9 girls volunteer their time to help Mary Immaculate Primary School students with their homework.  
Modern Marys.jpg 
Our Lady's Year 9 student Cindy Huynh helps Elise with her homework. ​

Assistant Principal Religious Education Linda Brandenburg said the Our Lady’s Modern Marys Program was established in 2011 to give weekly support in numeracy and literacy to sister school, Mary Immaculate. 

“Modern Marys is named in honour of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop who encouraged her followers to ‘never see a need without doing something about it’,” Mrs Brandenburg said.  

“Our Modern Marys volunteers embody the spirit of Saint Mary MacKillop and set an inspiring example for us all.”
The students are supported by staff including Our Lady’s Campus Minister Kay Holmes.

Mrs Holmes said the interaction between the primary and high school students was a benefit to all. 

“It gives us an opportunity to connect with our neighbouring primary school and give service to our local community,” she said. 

“The primary students have the chance to receive some help with homework tasks that may be a challenge for them or be supported to complete homework in a timely manner, as well as enjoy contact with the older students.”