Science and Engineering Challenge 2017

On Wednesday, the 15th February, students from Grade 9 & 10 had the opportunity to participate in the annual Science and Engineering Competition conducted by the Queensland University of Technology. The aim of the day was to explore scientific principles with a minimum of introduction and theory.  

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction. After that, we all split into different activities. Some activities we did were making catapults, building a bridge with different materials, making a bionic hand: with straws and ElectraCITY which was providing electricity to as much of the city’s infrastructure at the lowest cost. 

Some of these activities went for the whole day and some of them went for only half a day. At the end of the day, it is tradition to assemble in the auditorium and watch the bridges all get destroyed. This was done by a train going across the bridge but, each time weights were added.  It was fun to interact and compete with different schools and we would do it again in a heartbeat. 

We all gained an insight into the world of a practical scientist or engineer and the skills they would use to solve problems. We would like to extend our thanks to Mr Tilbury and Ms Boison for organising and assisting us throughout the day, we had an amazing time.

By Shenaya Salgado and Efon Victorio