Every girl well-known


​​​​​​​Our Lady’s College teachers form a professional rapport with every girl to ensure they are truly known and that their individual talents are catered to.  We regularly and systematically review the needs of every student; our experience ensures we nurture your daughter's strengths, so that they become more empowered and capable than before.    

From the SET Plan process in Year 10, every student is assigned an Academic Mentor who assists them to formulate goals, maximising their talent and guiding them to develop strategies, to always progress.  This one-on-one support for all students leads to many 'personal bests' and outstanding results.

During Year 11 students can also apply for Professional Mentoring with the University of Queensland.​

It's not only about academia, Pastoral Leaders apply proven programs that cater to the needs of adolescent girls and provide them with strategies for dealing with contemporary issues. Every girl is nurtured by dedicated Pastoral Care teams to help them recognise the unique gifts they can bring to this wonderful community.   

Your daughter will be challenged to strive ever higher, supported by compassionate teachers, who encourage in each student the development of this same quality. We believe that this creates a unique and embracing community. At Our Lady's College, all are included and all truly belong.