Compass program

The Our Lady's CoMPASS initiative is a mentoring program developed in partnership with the University of Queensland.

CoMPASS ā€“ A Collaboration of Minds: Professionals Advancing Senior Students, connects high achieving Year 11 students with expert professionals across a broad range of fields, including astrophysics, architecture, engineering, physiotherapy and medicine.

Each year interested Year 11 students are invited to complete an application that includes an indication of a career field of interest.

Successful applicants are teamed up with a highly accomplished professional working within the students' chosen field.

Students meet regularly with their mentors who provide valuable insight and advice about the profession.

The program helps to enhance our students' motivation to achieve success with their current studies and boost their confidence to pursue tertiary studies in the future. 

CoMPASS is a joint initiative of Our Lady's College, Brisbane Catholic Education and the University of Queensland.

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Charrlotte presenting her findings from the University of Queensland Forensic Archaeology

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Armani with her mentor in graphic design


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