Graduate destinations

The pursuit of excellence encompasses all dimensions of college life and girls graduating from Our Lady’s College embark on varied and rewarding study and careers. 

​Our promise to you is to work one-on-one with you and your daughter, to ensure she undertakes the absolute best pathway possible. We have created a unique educational climate where achievement is valued, effort is prized and individual gifts are cherished.
We offer a diverse range of subjects to enable students to make an informed decision of the path they wish to pursue.


We provide an excellent foundation for university studies. Students achieving good results are invited to be part of university studies whilst completing their Senior Studies – laying strong foundations for future endeavours.
​Many of our past students have been successful in the areas of science, education, business, medicine and law.

​Vocational Education and Training

Students have also been successful in the vocational pathway achieving Certificate qualifications in line with Vocational Education and Training (VET). VET competencies are nationally recognised and open doors to various industries such as health care, hair dressing, event management and hospitality.​