Pathways & Vocational Education

​​​​At Our Lady's College (OLC), we recognise and nurture the unique skills and talents of each student. Our goal is to empower young women to take control of their career progression through personalised pathway planning. OLC offers a large number of programs to ensure all students can successfully transition from school to TAFE/university/industry work. Our personalised pathway planning ensures each student receives tailored guidance to explore their interests, strengths and aspirations, including; pursuing further education, entering the workforce, or exploring vocational pathways.

Our goal is to create adaptable, engaged and industrious young women who feel in control of their career progression.


Vocational Education and Training

OLC collaborates closely with Vocational Education providers and industry experts to offer a selection of certificate courses and authentic learning experiences. These partnerships prepare our students for a meaningful future by bridging the gap between education and real-world skills.

Key Programs and Opportunities

  • Career Education (Years 10–12): Our comprehensive Career Education program equips students with essential skills and knowledge. We're currently exploring expansion into Years 7 - 9 to provide early exposure to career pathways.
  • Work Experience and Industry Engagement: Through workplace tours, work experience placements and industry partnerships, students gain practical insights and build connections.
  • School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships: Students can combine their studies with hands-on work experience, earning nationally recognised qualifications while completing their secondary education.
  • Binnacle Partnership: Our collaboration with Binnacle allows students to pursue certificates within their timetable. Options include Certificate III in Sport and Recreation and Certificate III in Business.
  • Barrington College Australia: Diploma of Business.
  • TAFE at School, Mater Education and External VET Providers: OLC offers a diverse range of options, from beauty and media to trades, health and justice. Students can explore their passions and gain valuable skills.
  • SET Planning and Careers Counselling: Students receive personalised guidance, helping them map out their educational and career pathways.


OLC Pathways Website

Click​ here to explore our OLC Pathways website and learn more about the exciting career opportunities awaiting your daughter.

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Join us in creating adaptable, engaged and industrious young women who are ready to shape their own futures!

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