Pastoral Care

​​​Our Lady’s College 179.JPG​At Our Lady's, Pastoral Care is experienced whenever the people within our community interact to make positive choices about life. 

The College has three core values: Tradition, Excellence and Community.

Under the priority of Community, our Pastoral Care program aims to:

  • Encourage in students a willingness to be responsible for their own actions and decisions.
  • Nurture the growth of relationships so that all members experience a sense of belonging in a supportive and inclusive community.
    Students are provided with a range of opportunities to foster a sense of belonging, and to develop their special skills and gifts, including involvement in sport, dance, music, and other clubs. Read more about extra-curricular opportunities here.
  • Develop an appreciation of our connectedness with the past and our responsibility as custodians of our school environment for the future.
    Community service projects are undertaken in each year level to develop an understanding of the world and the role individuals can play in making a difference. Students can also join community service groups such as St Vincent de Paul and Benenson Society. Read more about service opportunities here. ​

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