​​​​​​​​As modeled​ ​by Our Lady’s College 060.JPG​​St Mary MacKillop, we hold the belief that every student deserves to reach their highest potential. Our top priority is ensuring each student receives the best education tailored to their unique needs. We cherish a culture of mutual respect for intellectual values, where excellence, in all its forms, is celebrated and encouraged. Every student is challenged and encouraged to strive ever higher to reach her potential and demonstrate creative courage. 

Students are supported to achieve their potential through​ academicsportingco-curricular and service opportunities available at the College.  

​​At Our Lady's College (OLC), we foster a vibrant and collaborative classroom environment where sharing ideas is celebrated! Our dedicated teachers and specialists are all about creating a welcoming space where students feel empowered to collaborate, exchange thoughts and learn from each other. We believe in the power of teamwork and encourage our students to work together, pooling their unique perspectives to solve problems and explore new concepts. In our classrooms, every voice is valued. We believe that by sharing ideas, students not only learn from each other but also grow into confident, creative thinkers ready to take on the world.

Our teachers are involved in a multiyear collaboration with Brisbane Catholic Education and the University of Queensland as part of their UQ Critical Thinking Project. This innovative and world leading program prominently showcases the processes around critical thinking and collaboration in our teaching and learning. A specialist team from OLC is currently involved in intensive training to develop pedagogical knowledge and skills to embed these practices throughout all levels and classes.  

​​Throughout each semester, we take joy in recognising the hard work and dedication of our students. Whether it's through outstanding work practice grades or remarkable achievements, we applaud their efforts and inspire our​ student community to strive for personal growth. In Term 4, we gather to honour our students who demonstrate excellence across all subjects and certificates offered at the College during our annual Celebration of Excellence.

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