Our Lady's College runs camps in Year 8, 9, 10 and 11. DSC00846.JPG

Camps provide time for challenge, reassessment and individual reflection.

In Term 1 Year 7, the College holds a 'Big Day Out'.  This day aims to encourage the development of friendships and to continue to build a sense of belonging in the school community.  Students engage in a number of fun activities that focus on team building and individual skill development.

In Year 8 students attend a 3-day camp where the focus is on “Belonging", while Year 10 focuses on setting goals for the future and being brave enough to step out of your “Comfort Zone".

In Year 9 and Year 11, students engage in intensive 2-3 day programs focusing on a particular area of personal and social development. In Year 9 it is “Relationships with Self and Others".

In Year 11 preparation for “Senior Leadership" is the focus.


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